In the event of a FIRE

  • Inform ALL people in the building of the fire.
  • DO NOT attempt to put out the fire unless trained in the use of the fire extinguishers and these can be accessed without danger
  • Evacuate the building via the nearest clear exit as follows:
    • Ground Level – through either EXIT doors at the ends of the stadium or the front door through the main foyer
    • Upstairs lounge, kitchen or spectator seating – down any of the four main stairways from the spectator seating area, or from the lounge EMERGENCY EXIT stairway, and then through either of the EXIT doors or front door.
  • Once outside ring the Fire Brigade – Dial 111
  • Assemble on the lawns at the eastern end of the Hall building.

All EXITS are clearly signposted and emergency lighting over the doors and on the stairways down to the stadium floor will operate.

DO NOT re-enter the building until an All-Clear is given by the Fire Brigade and/or the active Emergency Warden.


The Event Coordinator.

The Building Manager.

Any attending Executive Committee Member – if more than 1 in attendance a pre-selected Officer will take overall control.

The Health and Safety Officer if in attendance.

If a designated Warden is not in attendance users of the Hall are personally responsible for ensuring this procedure is followed.

In the event of an EARTHQUAKE

  • DO NOT evacuate unless instructed to do so by the active Emergency Warden.
  • If on the stadium floor move to the base of the spectator seating area on the main stadium floor AWAY from the overhead lights and lounge windows, otherwise DROP, COVER, HOLD wherever you may be, keeping clear of windows.
  • If an Evacuation signal is given assemble on the grass areas to the eastern end of the Hall.

NOTE: In the event of a strong earthquake the noise may be very loud but this is not an indicator of damage occurring to the building.