Private Court Hire
Any person can play badminton at Hutt Valley Badminton Hall.  To do so, you’ll need a key fob to access the hall and turn on the lights on your court.  There is a one-off charge of $30.00 for a key fob.  With a key fob and an account for the online booking system, you’re all set to play.  See below for details on what you need to do.

Creating An Account and Getting A Key fob
To setup an account, click the following link  On the main screen, click ‘Sign Up Now’ (under all the sign-in buttons).  Follow the steps and fill in the required information.  You will then go to a screen to pay the $30 for the key tag.  Once paid, Badminton Hutt Valley will be notified so that we can arrange collection of the key fob.  Please allow 24 hours for us to contact you for the collection of your key fob.

Casual Play
You can play on a casual basis any time the hall is not being used for Association activities.  Bookings can be made on the control panel in the hall or through the Internet  During peak times, booking is essential.  It is important to note that any private booking may be cancelled if the Association requires the hall or courts.  If this happens, someone will contact you to let you know.

As a private user, your lighting cost will be $22 per court per hour during peak hours and $17 per court per hour for off-peak hours.  Peak hours are are 4.00pm to 11.30pm Monday to Friday and 7.30am to 11.30pm Saturday and Sunday.

You will need to bring your own racquets and shuttles.  You can book as many courts as you wish as long as you have enough credit on your account and the required number of courts are available.  Using courts without lights may result in cancellation of your card without refund.

Hall Hire for non-Badminton groups

Groups or individuals can hire Badminton Hall at reasonable rates.  Courts can be hired individually, as can the upstairs lounge.  Other areas are suitable for meetings or training seminars.  For all Hall enquiries please email  with details of your required activity, dates, times etc.